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F้eria premiering in Montreal at the TOHU by Cirque Fantastic, January 2008

 “Proyecto Fibonacci”

a collaboration with Montr้al’s 7 doigts de la Main and Mexico’s Cirko de Mente, 2007


by Katia Gagn้, 2006


Alex Veilleux, Katia Gagn้, Mark Eden-Towle, 2005

“Blue Tempo en Cinq”

by Voxtrot (Michoue Sylvain et Charmaine Leblanc), 2004


by Christian Harel and Marie-Soleil Fortin, 2004

“Tranny Tronic”

by Atif Siddiqi, 2004

“A Midsummers Nights Dream”

by Repercussion Theatre, Shakespeare in the Park, 2004

“Les Gens d’R”

Circus 2002

“Les Oubliettes du Coeur”

by Voxtrot, 2002


by l’ษcole Nationale du Cirque, 2001

“Une cloche เ vache suspendue เ mon โme”

Mylne Roy, 2001



a solo created by Margie Gillis for Risa Steinberg (New York), 2007

“Being Susan Sontag”

by Pamela Newell, 2006

“Benches 2006”

by Roger Sinha, 2006

“Macbeth's Wife”

by Deborah Dunn, 2005

“Nouvelles Danses Sauvages”

by Motaz Kabbani, 2004


by Motaz Kabbani for Les Ballets du Nord, France, 2003

“Le Sacre”

by Motaz Kabbani, adaptation pour le Centre Pierre Peladeau, 2003

“Finding Zero”

by Sonya Biernath, 2003


by Roger Sinha, 2002

“Burning Skin”

by Roger Sinha, 2002


by Roger Sinha, for The Winnepeg Contemporary Dancers, 2002


by Roger Sinha, 2001

“From a Crack in the Earth… Light”

by Roger Sinha, 2000

“5 Choreographers United”

Denmark, 2000

“Le Jardin des Vapeurs”

by Roger Sinha, 1997


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